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Posts about the digital transformation work GDS and the wider government is undertaking.

Back to the future: realising the strategy for innovation

2 people sitting at a desk, looking at a laptop screen together. Other people working in the background

The Innovation team at GDS is working hard to bring the objectives we outlined in the Government Technology Innovation Strategy to life, and looking for new opportunities across government. Sue Bateman shares the team's next steps. 

Spend controls: saving money and making things better

a big group of people posing for a picture, facing the camera and holding a sign that says 'standards assurance'

Through the spend controls process, GDS works with departments to ensure they (and the taxpayer) are getting the best value from anything they’re building or buying. Here are some of the things we’ve achieved over the past 12 months.

What we’ve learned so far at our Sprint events and how to register for the next one

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An audience facing away from the camera, one person in the foreground holding up an ipad and taking a picture of the presenter, who is visible in the background but blurry

As we prepare for our Sprint 19 event in London in September, here are 4 things we’ve learned from the 4 Sprint events we’ve held so far this year. You will also find information about how to register for the London event.

Crowdsourcing guidance on what good services look like

pieces of paper attached to a wall. One reads 'be consistent throughout' and the other one 'have no dead ends'

In this post, we talk about how we crowdsourced knowledge, ideas and expertise to define what a good service looks like. Find out how we did it and why we need your feedback.