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Warren Smith - former Director for the Global Digital Marketplace Programme, Government Digital Service

Buying digitally, with social purpose

Homepage of the Digital Buying Guide.

The Government Digital Service worked with organisations across government, alongside multilaterals, to create the Digital Buying Guide. It helps civil servants in governments across the world improve their procurement processes. Read to find out how and why it was created.

Engaging UK suppliers in the Global Digital Marketplace Programme alpha phase

A group of 7 people standing, facing the camera

We've just completed our discovery phase, during which we researched the digital procurement landscape in 5 different countries. We’re now in the process of defining what our alpha phase will look like. Here's what we've learned and what's next.

Digital Marketplace turns 4: what we've achieved

An image saying Digital Marketplace and the number 4, with confetti around it

As the Digital Marketplace celebrates its fourth birthday, we thought it would be a good time to take stock and call out just a couple of things we’ve achieved over this past year and look at where we’re going.

Why spend data is important for the Digital Marketplace

Digital Marketplace

We’ve updated our spend data for Digital Marketplace, with total spend now exceeding £2.6 billion. Find out why spend data is so important to the ongoing development of the Digital Marketplace.