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Introducing the next stage of the Service Manual

The new Service Manual homepage

The Service Manual helps people across government build better services and prepare for service assessments. We've spent the past year updating the content and design of the manual. Here is some more detail on our most recent updates.

Taking service design to Parliament

Poster with the words 'good services are verbs, bad services are nouns'

We spoke recently at a roundtable in Parliament, organised by the All Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation (APDIG). At the session, ‘Designing the next generation of government services’, we talked about why GDS is making service design a priority.

When will more people visit GOV.UK using a mobile or tablet than a PC?

When will more people visit GOV.UK using a mobile or tablet than a PC?

Yesterday the BBC published data showing more people accessing iPlayer via tablet than via computer. This prompted me to update some of the data I gathered for the government's agreed approach to mobile last this time last year. The objective of the UK government's digital …

How many people are missing out on JavaScript enhancement?

A few weeks back, we were chatting about the architecture of the Individual Electoral Registration web service.  We started discussing the pros and cons of an approach that would provide a significantly different interaction for any people not running JavaScript. "What …