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Alice Noakes - former Product Manager for GOV.UK Design System, Government Digital Service

Introducing the GOV.UK Design System

Screen shot of the GOV.UK Design System page

The GOV.UK Design System is now ready for teams across government to use. Take a look at how we developed it and why we think it will make things easier for service teams.

Building the GOV.UK Design System

GOV.UK Design System homepage screenshot

We’ve been developing a new design system for government services. GOV.UK Design System will contain all the styles, components and design patterns that teams in government need to create user-centred digital services.

Introducing our new product pages and technical documentation

GOV.UK Pay product page screenshot

Our new product pages and a new technical documentation format help users recognise that a resource is provided or curated by GDS.

Introducing the next stage of the Service Manual

The new Service Manual homepage

The Service Manual helps people across government build better services and prepare for service assessments. We've spent the past year updating the content and design of the manual. Here is some more detail on our most recent updates.