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Posts about who we are and how we work.

What the multi-disciplinary GovTech Catalyst team has learned one year on

6 people standing in a row, facing the camera, in front of a window

It’s been one year since the first GovTech Catalyst competition was launched. We share what we’ve discovered through working with a huge range of suppliers and organisations across the UK.

Learn more about the new mentoring scheme from the GDS Women’s Network

Two people participating in the Speed Mentoring event. One's back is to the camera, the other is facing the camera and smiling

If you’re looking for a mentor or would like to offer your skills as one, our new scheme could be for you. Find out how it works and how you can get involved.

Breaking down barriers to digital career progression

An image of GDS's Tia Priest at the event standing in front of a screen saying: Let's Talk About Race

We want to increase ethnic minority representation at Senior Civil Servant level, so we held an event to find out what was stopping progression. Learn what was discussed and what government departments are doing about it.