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Digital strategy

Building digital foundations globally with service standards

The Digital Services Factory at an event in Cyprus with GDS colleagues.

At GDS, we use the Service Standard to create user-centred services. Our Advisory International team helps other countries to create their own service standards.

The next steps for digital, data and technology in government

A person placing sticky notes on a wall.

Tom Read, CEO of GDS, and Joanna Davinson, Executive Director of the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO), provide an update on the future for their respective organisations.

How the GovTech Catalyst is helping to grow the GovTech sector

The GovTech Catalyst team having a meeting in 2019.

We are reflecting on the impact of our experimental first phase of the GovTech Catalyst. We found promising solutions to some of the hardest public sector challenges. After a successful first phase, we have started releasing £1 million of funds to each of the public sector teams starting Phase 2.

What we learnt from the first phase of the GovTech Catalyst

GovTech Catalyst Phase 1 mission patch sticker on a laptop, April 2020.

We finished the experimental first phase of the GovTech Catalyst, which helped us learn where emerging technologies can add value. We learnt this in collaboration with smaller technology companies. In our next phase, we will see prototypes develop into testable products.

What the multi-disciplinary GovTech Catalyst team has learned one year on

6 people standing in a row, facing the camera, in front of a window

It’s been one year since the first GovTech Catalyst competition was launched. We share what we’ve discovered through working with a huge range of suppliers and organisations across the UK.