Tom Loosemore

DVLA, we salute you

Screen Grab of new tax disc start page with beta link

My first visit to meet DVLA in Swansea back in the summer of 2012 filled me with hope. I met Carolyn Williams MBE, who runs DVLA's tax disc service. She showed me a wonderfully well-categorised list of feedback sent in …

This week at GDS

This week, Kathy Settle, Director of Digital Policy and Departmental Engagement, looks back on GOV.UK's one year birthday and talks about the public beta release of the Carers Allowance service. Follow Kathy on twitter: @Kathy_Settle

This week at GDS

The Identity Assurance team have been working closely with DWP on the first identity provider supplier framework for Universal Credit. They also had a retrospective on the development of the IdA ‘hub’ reference architecture and met with Colin Wallis from the …