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The story of GOV.UK so far, in pictures

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Earlier this week the the final ministerial department joined GOV.UK. This isn't the end of the GOV.UK story; in fact it's barely the end of the beginning. But today is still a big moment, the result of commitment and collaboration from  hundreds of civil servants all across government. So to mark the occasion I thought I'd gather up and share some historical artifacts; some sketches, diagrams, lists, photos,and screengrabs that chart the evolution of GOV.UK from a crisp recommendation for a 'single domain for government' in Martha Lane Fox's November 2010 report, through to today's award-winning reality.

PS If anyone's got any interesting stuff we've missed lying about on their hard drive, please send it my way and I'll add it to the gallery.

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  1. Comment by Pankaj Tripathi posted on

    Hi Tom, What is the technology: Hardware and Software supporting this site. Appreciate if you could send me an EMail with the info. Thanks. Pankaj Tripathi, Team Lead, Internet Design Solutions, Corporate Communications, Ontario Provincial Police, Ontario, Canada

  2. Comment by Jonathan Rhys Smith posted on

    Really insightful post - thanks. Out of curiosity, how many transactions do you expect Gov.UK to host at any given time?

  3. Comment by Dave Ankers posted on

    Really good to see the progress, particularly as we are on a similar journey. All brilliant, apart from the use of the term 'Shipping' (even if it's a quote)... 😉

  4. Comment by jesssle posted on

    What a fab collection, I'm tickled by the surreal mental map which includes the dubiously named Lawyers' Ghetto and Teachers' Alley!

  5. Comment by stuartrevnell posted on

    Great post Tom - thanks for sharing! Fascinating to see how this evolved over time, and for me especially, the pragmatic aspects of sketching ideas and printing needs out to sort - regardless of the software tools we have at our disposal, sometimes hard copy on a wall or a floor is what's needed!