How cross-government communities can support cross-government services

workshop participants sitting around a table and discussing something

GDS is working with organisations across government to pilot a new way of working. We're forming networks of people with different skills and from different departments, who will work together to improve end-to-end services that cross departmental boundaries. We’re calling these networks ‘Service Communities’.

Building end-to-end services into GOV.UK

Kate Ivey-Williams talking about building service journeys into GOV.UK

Doing complex tasks like ‘starting a business’ or ‘learning to drive’ means users have to find lots of different pieces of content and interact with government lots of times. We’ve been working to take all these bits and pieces and build them into a coherent service journey, which will be displayed on a single page.

A user research lab for all of government

GDS user research lab

GDS recently moved to a new office, which gave us the opportunity to redesign our user research lab. We use it to carry out research into all the things we deliver, from guidance and standards to common components. Our lab is open to the rest of government so that they can carry out research into their own projects and services.