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This week at GDS

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Lots of bits of GDS are going to be working with lots of bits of government during 2013. We're getting bigger, getting more scattered and it's important that we let each other know what's going on. One way we're going to do this is to grab a quick video with Mike every week. We were going to just stick it on our wiki, then we thought - why not share it on here? It's not going to be of interest to everyone but if you'd like to know what we're working on - click play.

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  1. Comment by Susan Ayers posted on

    I'm at the Environment Agency and I cannot see the video either. Disappointing.

    Is it possible to provide a written version of the key points?

  2. Comment by Wilson Emma (DBS) posted on

    I received email below; sadly, I am unable to view the video as our system won't allow access. It seems contradictory that a government department is unable to access this kind of thing, when the government itself is publishing this and the digital agenda is such a high priority. We want to make things digital by default yet we haven’t the capability to enable this at the home of this initiative. While I appreciate security is important, it is very frustrating and surely there must be a way around it with today's technological advances.

    Emma Wilson Project communications The Disclosure and Barring Service 1st Floor West, Shannon Court, 10 Princes Parade, Princes Dock Liverpool L3 1QY Tel: 0151 676 1574

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      Comment by David posted on

      @Emma - we have the same problem in HMRC. I work in HMRC Digital Services, but can I see an online video on the GDS blog if trying to access it from my HMRC PC? No! What nonsense.

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      Comment by nettienwilliams posted on

      Hi Emma - the Civil Service Reform plan and the government ICT strategy both stress the benefits of allowing civil servants to access to social media channels from work. However all departments have different priorities and circumstances so it is up to them to decide as as and when they lift restrictions. GDS champions that ambition and we're working with Sir Bob Kerslake to make it a reality.