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The Future is Here

The future of UK Government Digital Services is here. On January 21st 2013 at Sprint 13 we will show the best of digital from across government, all packed into one morning.

Who is this for?

All those working across Government and its agencies to deliver our digital ambition statement: Digital Leaders, Government and Agency Board Members, Officials, Policy Makers, Ministers, Press and External Digital Thought-Leaders.

Why Should I come?

  • To find out how other parts of Government are delivering on our digital ambition
  • Understand the digital ambition across all of Government
  • Practical answers to the questions that we all face in delivering the Government’s Digital Strategy
  • Demonstrations of new and beta digital services
  • Pick up tips on how to find new digital suppliers and attract and retain digital skills
  • Hands-on workshops on Identity, Agile, Open Data and Social Media
  • Learn about non-Government examples of digital transformation from our Digital Advisors, board members from major brands such as M&S, Lloyds, BA and Amazon who can help develop your leadership capacity and avoid common mistakes in the transformation journey

You will have the chance to listen to major speakers set out the digital future for Government including keynote speeches from:

  • Francis Maude - Minister for the Cabinet Office
  • Martha Lane Fox - UK Digital Champion
  • Stephen Kelly - UK Government COO

It’s a quick event, less than 4 hours, and it’s all delivered in Ignite style format - rapid presentations, open Q&A and ability to network freely. It’s a private event for Government, but we will be using social media to report on the highlights.

Why Sprint?

It is 17 years since we started to deliver online services, and many of our services are some way from being digital by default. (Digital Efficiency Report). We have 2 years, or 400 days, to deliver fundamental transformation of our mainstream services, including digitisation of tax, agriculture, justice, health, and transport. So we need to Sprint.

We will be running subsequent Sprint sessions on suppliers, skills, development and product/services management through the year, and we will meet again to celebrate our achievements next January, for Sprint 14.

Book your place, attendance is limited to 300.
Follow us on Twitter at #Sprint13 and keep an eye on our site at to see the major speeches, interviews and add your feedback.

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