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  1. Comment by John Mortimer posted on

    That is great work, and that will be so good for the highly transactional services that we all design and use. However, we are now entering the realm of dealing with services that are less transactional and more complex; requiring engagement with citizens.
    Systems thinking is a great help to understand how to redesign these. And we have to be able to design services where Digital is not always the only and best way to engage.

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      Comment by Liz posted on

      I think we agree, systems thinking is definitely part of dealing with complexity. When we think about digital by design, it's more along the OECD lines of using digital technologies to "rethink and re-engineer public processes, simplify procedures, and create new channels of communication and engagement with stakeholders." However digital can ensure that whatever channels are being used (phone, letter, in-person or digital) that people receive the same quality of service provision (for example, responsive, accessible and meets their needs) and that it's part of a coherent user journey.

  2. Comment by Greg Turner posted on

    This is a great article and it shows what can be achieved globally between digital partners. I'd love to be a part of it.