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Ready for live: Make a claim to an employment tribunal

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You can now make a claim to an employment tribunal online. This is a last resort for people who feel they've been wronged by an employer. The digital service now provides  a much simpler alternative to making a paper claim.

Here's a very short film we've made about it:

As you can see, we've made the process shorter, from 29 pages down to 12. We've simplified a lot of the language. And we've made it possible to save a claim to complete later.

This is one of the latest services in the government's Transformation Programme to pass the live Digital by Default Service Standard assessment. It's also a vital one. The service can be a last resort for people seeking justice, and they can often be worried or distressed. So it’s really important that the claim is as clear and easy to use as possible.

Here's the link to the service again: Make a claim to an employment tribunal.

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Make a claim to an employment tribunal

Tom Wynne-Morgan, Product Manager
The digital service improves upon the non-digital service by essentially making it quicker to apply to an employment tribunal.
People should use this service if they have a grievance with their employer or potential employer.
The thing that has been really positive is the primary feature that we have implemented around saving and returning to the form; that's getting fantastic feedback.
Michael Elwin, Content Designer
Throughout testing, we were finding that users, when they were filling out the form, were getting confused at certain points, and they were unable to continue filling out the form. So we went away and we worked on making the language a lot clearer, and then retesting it to make sure that they were able, then, to get through those points.
Helen Mott, Delivery Manager
We also received a lot of feedback that 29 pages is a lot to actually understand. Our form is now 12 pages long.
For people who have experienced a problem at work, going to the employment tribunal is the last recourse for them to get justice for the injustice they feel they've experienced.

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  1. Comment by RJ posted on

    I've had a look at the downloadable form as you can't see a click through. The language is clear - well done!

    I was struck by one thing - who determines the order of the ethnicity monitoring question?
    It seemed odd and to reflect old fashioned notions of a racial heirarchy.