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Meet the GDS internal IT service desk team

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The 5 people strong internal IT service desk team is in charge of making sure that all the equipment people at GDS use is up and running.  With over 600 people currently working at GDS, there’s a lot of devices, and a lot of things that can go wrong.

Here’s a film about what the IT service desk team do on a daily basis:

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Meet the internal IT service desk team

Jacob Bonwitt, Service Desk Analyst

The service desk is a group of people that provide support for devices: phones, computers, systems. Emotional support.

What’s it like to work on the service desk?

Jacob Bonwitt
I work in a people-facing role. I deal with people all day, every day.

“Same concept to log on.”

“Yes, just log on, so if you go on to…”

Jacob Bonwitt
At the rate of about 1 every 10 minutes on a quiet day.

“3-0-6, thanks very much.”

“Thank you.”

Daz Ahern, Service Desk Analyst
It is a very sociable place to work.

Jacob Bonwitt
New starters tend to start new jobs on Mondays. There’s always many people to be seen that need to be set up on their devices.

Daz Ahern
I’ve always been interested in technology. You probably need a bit of patience. Patience and a fair bit of understanding.

Jacob Bonwitt
A lot of the services that we offer are fundamental for the operation of the organisation.

Sometimes it breaks

Jacob Bonwitt
It’s the nature of technology that sometimes it breaks.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s like a DNS issue.”

Daz Ahern
We have two data centres. One’s been down for about 4 and a half hours, and we go onto the back up one. And in the past 15 minutes that one’s gone down.

Jacob Bonwitt
We have contingencies to make a fix, go round it a different way, go to a different data centre, and our users are back up and running.


Jacob Bonwitt
I like computers but the part of my job that I enjoy is working with people.

Daz Ahern
If you’ve got people who need help and it’s urgent, you have to be on the ball. You have to get these people back up and running.

“There you go. All right? Cool.”


“Cheers guys. “

Jacob Bonwitt
We are thinking, is this going to impact on how you work? How can we make this better for you?

We appreciate the finer things in life on the service desk. I’ve never known a techie who doesn’t like coffee.

“Is there anymore coffee?”

“I was going to say, shall we fetch another batch because…”

“…that really didn’t touch the sides.”

“Yeah, No, no, same here.”

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