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Weekend links: vCloud, Darwin database, proof of concept and more

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What is the user need?

Sarah Richards - our ex Head of Content - says users are selfish; find out what she means in this blog post.

The National Rail's Darwin database is going to be free for devs to use from June - making cool train app stuff easier to do.

We recently moved GOV.UK to a new platform - find out how we used vCloud Tools to create the virtual machines and networks required as well as configure the firewall, NAT rules and load balancers.

At our recent Sprint policy event, we learned it’s not change that should worry us, but staying the same.

We've been hacking Google Analytics this week - find out why on the data blog.

Reviewing design work is never easy - but these ten questions are a pretty good start.

Last week marked the end of a 6-week proof of concept at the Land Registry - illustrating what a digital service might look like in the future.

What's the ideal music to listen to at work? This infographic will help you decide.


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  1. Comment by David Dillon posted on

    This is probably the wrong place to leave a comment, but as I can't find the proper place, here goes.
    I tried to sign up to get a state pension statement, but the sign up page doesn't accept the letter 'v', which makes it difficult for name and email address as my name is David. Can you have it fixed please

  2. Comment by simonfj posted on

    Thanks Carrie,

    I like Sarah's post, although we do need to have some balance to the 'publisher's manifesto". i.e. writing for the user. Sometimes it just comes down to community building. How many "as a ... " come down to just "want to" "finding someone just like me", who is going/has been through the same experience?

    Thanks for the Sprint report. You'd be aware that so much of 'inclusion' is based around streaming to interested non-attendees, and taking questions, which are kept in the same archive as the streams. That said, I keep looking at this one, and wondering when all the GDS teams in (one or) different countries might share it.

    The "ten questions" of design are pretty good, so long as we are sticking to the Publisher's manifesto (and not the Communicator's creed). Here's a challenge for the design team, if they really want an insight into a citizen's (and not just a user's) perspective. Register for this one. (and wait for the confirmation email). And then just try to make some sense of the engineers' design. The designer who can will have citizens (from around the world) worshipping at their feet.

    Re; the musical infographic page. It was nice to see your designers are served heavy metal at lunch 🙂 But do they dance?