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Weekend links: Instagram, filtered search, cyclotrons and more

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Take a look at DfID's Instagram feed - great stories and a real insight into their work.


Filtered search is changing the way we can use GOV.UK - meet our first finders on Inside GOV.UK.

The GDS content designers and writers were inspired by Limerick Day this week. Over lunch, we challenged them to explain our work through poetry ... here's our favourite:

Image courtesy of John Keogh under a Creative Commons licence
Image courtesy of John Keogh under a Creative Commons licence

Over on the public health matters blog the spotlight is on anxiety as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. The post includes information about The Big White Wallan online community where people can talk openly and anonymously about what’s on their mind.

Faraday circuits, steam engines and cyclotrons all feature in the intricate typefaces developed by New Delhi design student Khyati Trehan.

User research is a massive part of our work at GDS, and this week the cabinet office technology blog is talking about user testing with cabinet office staff - working hard to make sure everyone has the technology and support they need to do their work.

On Sunday it's International Museums Day - find out what events are happening, and where, on the #MuseumDay map.

Could wearable technology improve your productivity in the workplace?

From the earliest known musings of a Bronte to the details of Oscar Wilde's trial - the British Library has unveiled the world's largest digital English literature resource.

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  1. Comment by Jules posted on

    Genny, how about the following?

    "The business of digitalisation
    Is something of a complication
    To keep from diaster
    We follow the master
    simple - clear - iteration"

  2. Comment by Genny Millinger posted on

    I'm afraid the "limerick" (and Lear's creations aren't always a good example) doesn't work - the scansion is wrong and the first, second and last lines need to rhyme with each other (they don't), and the third and fourth with each other (they do). The best ones have a different word at the end of each line. For example:
    "There was a young lady from Wight,
    Who travelled much faster than light.
    She set out one day
    In the relative* way
    And returned on the previous night."

    (* neat reference to theory of relativity, which is the point of the limerick)

    A good idea though!