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Accessing GOV.UK information for the gaming generation

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137,000 visits to GOV.UK came through a PS3!

We love it that you are making GOV.UK work for you. We want the information you need to be easy to find, no matter how you choose to access our digital services.

So, you can imagine how pleased we were to discover that around 137,000 visits to GOV.UK this year were made through a PS3 - it seems that even the draw of the latest game release isn't enough to keep you from finding the information you need!

However you choose to visit GOV.UK, our  team are here to help - join the conversation on Twitter @GDSteam, and sign up for email alerts here.

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  1. Comment by Chandyman posted on

    I wonder how did you track these visitors? Any specific tools?

  2. Comment by Floyd Price posted on

    I wonder if this means we should be targeting "Consoles" in our responsive delivery strategies? I'm sure the PS3 (other consoles are available) does a great job of presenting sites in a traditional desktop browser layout, but a more tablet based layout (bigger, "Chunkier", etc..) would translate better to a console given the limited input options...

    Fantastic numbers thought, congratulation to your teams and keep up the great work.

  3. Comment by Chris posted on

    I think this will become one of the great new frontiers of web traffic.

    Right now devices for browsing the web via TV or big screen feel a bit like the old Motorola Razr. Like we are on the cusp of something better, like the smartphone revolution that came after the Razr.

    What I haven't seen yet is the interface that clicks and sticks with people. Motion control, remote control and even touchpads seem to all have their pros and cons. Even if the TV view is really just a slave display that extends your Tablet or Laptop display is still up for grabs.

  4. Comment by blogger-vsi posted on

    WOW..can imagine how you did that.
    it would be great to see which PS3 generation are accessing

  5. Comment by Stuart Barker posted on

    From a PS3? Wow. That is a specific demographic, it would be interesting to see which services / pages the PS3 generation are accessing. I am not sure if there are any design challenges in creating content for a PS3. Any other gaming consoles used to access content? X Box being the one that comes to mind.

    • Replies to Stuart Barker>

      Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on

      Thanks for commenting Stuart - we are working on another blog post to explain more about how we can (and sometimes can't) get this sort of information from games consoles - we find this area really fascinating.