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GDS mission - the next phase

Three months ago, when I was appointed Minister for the Cabinet Office, one of the first things I wanted to do was visit GDS.  I'd worked with GDS over recent years, and I’m a huge supporter of GDS's mission.

The 500 people working hard in Holborn are creating some of the most transformative government programming the world has seen, which is why governments across the globe are following in our footsteps.  GDS is the digital core of government and it’s helping the public sector deliver better digital services for less - essentially making sure that government 'can do' digital.

Photo of MCO and CST

Today I was at PWC with Greg Hands, co-chairing a discussion on the power of digital to transform the entire public sector.  The work that GDS is doing, and the vision of Government as a Platform, is changing the core infrastructure of shared digital systems, technology and processes.  Look at what's already been started with GOV.UK, a world leading platform for publishing and, now with GOV.UK Verify, for identity too. But there's a lot more to do to cement this work and embed modern digital, technology and data throughout government.

We could not have come so far in such a short space of time without the leadership and vision of Mike Bracken. With Mike at the helm the UK has become a world leader in digital government and we've recruited a host of extremely talented people, who will continue the work of digital transformation. I wish him well in the future.

Stephen Foreshew-Cain is stepping up as Executive Director of GDS and he has a wealth of experience delivering digital projects.

Alongside him Liam Maxwell as CTO has brought about a tectonic shift in government digital services and replaces outdated, rusty government IT with new systems that actually work.

With Liam and Stephen as well as a stellar team we have the right people in place to deliver the next phase of GDS. There is so much more to do, and I look forward to leading it at Ministerial level, and driving the transformation across Government that our citizens expect.

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  1. Comment by Ed Grant posted on

    I agree with Anne. The second paragraph so highly praises the achievements of GDS to date without excessive contribution from the private sector I wonder why they need PWC. Perhaps GDS are the ones offering their services.

    GDS will need to consult on technology and application areas not yet covered but hiring big IT companies will probably not 'save money'.

  2. Comment by Rhys posted on

    There are a large number of consultancies working on site all nearly battling with each other...

  3. Comment by concerned posted on

    What a disappointing post. The title includes the words: "the next phase", yet the post does not explain nor illustrate "the next phase".

    PWC ...hmm (raising eye brows)
    GDS core principle is no more big it

  4. Comment by Concerned posted on

  5. Comment by Shaun Gomm posted on

    The mention of PWC does rather stand out like a sore thumb... 5 years ago no one would have batted an eyelid at the mention of a big powerhouse consultancy firm or Systems Integrator. This is testament to the excellent work done using a very different approach, with a small team of passionate, innovative, fleet-of-foot strategists and delivery folks. I recognise that there may be some challenges with the long-term viability of this model too, but perhaps a more balanced approach would work. Modest, sustainable in-house capability retaining and applying the knowledge and good practices developed, supplemented by smaller, specialist firms who are more closely aligned in their thinking than 'the big 5' infrastructure and consulting firms.

  6. Comment by David Thomas Jackson posted on

    Agree with Anne and Ian.
    Keep the consultants away...
    ...or they will cost us all more.

  7. Comment by Grant Adams posted on

    What a disappointing post. The title includes the words: "the next phase", yet the post does not explain nor illustrate "the next phase".

  8. Comment by Ian Fenn posted on

    What Anne said. Government doesn't need companies like PWC.

  9. Comment by KJN posted on

    Worst ringing endorsement ever?

  10. Comment by Anne McCrossan posted on

    It was all going quite well until PWC was mentioned in the third paragraph. GDS has already demonstrated digital transformation can happen without the influence of big industrialised consultancies or expensive commercial over the counter infrastructure costing the taxpayer money.