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Sprint 15 round-up

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Yesterday we hosted Sprint 15, a chance for colleagues from all over government to catch up, swap notes and tips, and find out more about the digital transformation programme.

Two years have passed since we began with Sprint 13, when we promised 400 days of delivery. Yesterday was a chance to see a small fraction of what’s been delivered, and talk about what comes next.

We welcomed guests from France, Estonia and the United States, as well as Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude, Martha Lane Fox, and the Prime Minister’s Digital Economy Advisor Baroness Shields.

Our thanks to all of them, and to everyone who attended and made it such an interesting and entertaining event.

Here are a few photos and highlights.

Francis Maude

Francis Maude: We are building a properly digital government of the future. You should be proud to be at the forefront of digital government worldwide.

Twitter embed - At #Sprint15, totally geeking out in the presence of Francis Maude, the Minister who speaks about users needs to Parliament. #govgeek

Thierry Mandon

Thierry Mandon: I am very impressed. We look to the UK government for inspiration. We need to work on a shared vision for European public service.

Martha Lane Fox

Martha Lane Fox: “It’s got to be more of the same. ‘The strategy is delivery’ is absolutely right, but it’s even more inspiring in government.”

“There’s still an opportunity to create a platform from which more services can bloom. The world of broadcast and we-know-best-in-government is over.”

@Marthalanefox 's final message "Boldness has genius power and magic to it - continue to be bold." #sprint15

'The UK is leading the way in digital transformation.... ' #Sprint15 #GDS #digital

Joanna Shields

Joanna Shields: “I have the best job in government because I always bring good news, and the digital economy is good news.”

Janet Hughes

Janet Hughes: “Real people are using GOV.UK Verify to access real services.”


Mark Dearnley: “We are really pleased with our GOV.UK Verify beta. Users really liked the experience. This year, 11,000 people didn’t pay a fine because of Verify.”

Got taken through a fascinating demo of  @GOVUKverify in action at #Sprint15

Sprint 15 panel

Jen Pahlka: “Over the next 10 years, this whole agenda will be changing how people feel about government, and whether they trust you … It can be about life or death. When we remember that, it all comes into sharp focus.”

Siim Sikkut: “In Estonia, our government agencies are banned from asking for the same piece of information twice. That’s a principle.”

Gov as a platform is more than just tech - it's about breaking down vertical siloes and creating ecosystems - @markthompson1 at #sprint15

Mark Thompson: “For every platform correctly defined, there’s a thriving ecosystem.”

Tim Moss: “We need to understand what the barriers are before we can remove them.”

At #Sprint15 @MTBracken explains the urgency of rethinking government as a platform.

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O’Reilly: “You standardise railways by building tracks … data is the 21st century railway.”

Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken: “Government as a platform is nothing if we don’t give it values … our software is a public service.”

There are more photos on the GDS Flickr photostream, and plenty of tweets to explore under the #sprint15 hashtag. Thanks once more to everyone who came along - see you again next year.

What a fantastic afternoon 'we have a responsibility to challenge' FM - can't argue with that #Sprint15

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  1. Comment by Jamie MacIver posted on

    "In Estonia, our government agencies are banned from asking for the same piece of information twice. That’s a principle.”

    This is a fantastic principle. Having recently filed a US International Tax declaration and needing to (by hand) put in the same salary figure more than 5 times on a single form, I'd welcome this being shared with our government friends across the pond!

  2. Comment by Humphrey Appleton posted on

    All we need now is Civil Service change leaders who can empower their teams.

  3. Comment by Huw Pritchard posted on

    Hi - was there anyone representing Welsh Government there?

    • Replies to Huw Pritchard>

      Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on

      Hi Huw. Yes - the Welsh government were represented amongst the delegates.

  4. Comment by Maria Aulén Thomsson posted on

    Dear friends at the Cabinet Office and GDS! Thanks a lot for a brilliant afternoon - Sprint 15, with highly inspiring speeches and great opportunities to meet some of you face to face. It was an honour to be invited to the event, and we really enjoyed it! We wish you all the best for the continuing progress. You are a star performer and a source of inspiration for all of us! Best regards, Maria Aulén Thomsson, City of Uppsala, Sweden.

  5. Comment by Paul Mackay posted on

    Are there any plans to publish any videos of the day?

    • Replies to Paul Mackay>

      Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on

      Hi Paul - there will indeed be a video coming to the blog soon. Carrie