1. My Reflections on UKGovCamp 2012 | Government Digital Service

    [...] 2012 here and please do stay in touch with us, in the first instance contact Emer Coleman our recently appointed Deputy Director of Digital Engagement who can be found @emercoleman or by [...]

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  2. Social media guidance for public servants | A dragon's best friend

    [...] Emer Coleman at Cabinet Office started publicly the process of writing new social media guidance by [...]

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  3. Aisling Dundon

    Dear Emer,
    I work with the National Digital Learning Resources (NDLR) service in Ireland which is a collaborative HEA funded service involving all higher education Institutions in Ireland, the premise of which is to foster the use, reuse and development of open digital learning resources amongst the academic community in Ireland.

    The intention of the NDLR service is to raise awareness of best practice and reduce the duplication of effort amongst the HE community through support of collaborative projects and exchange of ideas, learning content and practice. The Open agenda encompassing issues such as Open Access, Open Data, Open Standards, Open Source and Open Borders is one that has a growing impact on a wide range of issues in research and higher education . It is in this context that we would like to extend an invitation to you to present the keynote at this event.

    The NDLR Fest 2012: 6th Annual Showcase for Irish Digital Learning Resources is taking place on Wednesday the 2nd May, in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland.

    The NDLR Fest 2012 is expected to be attended by over 250 higher education academics with another 150 virtually attending through the live streaming of the event. The main aim of the NDLR Fest is to showcase the wide array of free technology enhanced learning resources that have been generated across all subject disciplines in the Irish HE sector as well as celebrating the cooperative and collaborative process in which these resources have been developed, used and reused.

    Looking forward to hearing your response.
    Kind regards

    Aisling Dundon

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  4. Five observations and five quotes from Open Data Cities « Public-i Blog

    [...] is moving from the tyranny of the expert to the wisdom of the crowd.” Emer Coleman, of the Government Digital Service on the cultural difficulties that public servants encounter in moving to open [...]

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  5. My Reflections on UKGovCamp 2012 - Mike Bracken.

    [...] 2012 here and please do stay in touch with us, in the first instance contact Emer Coleman our recently appointed Deputy Director of Digital Engagement who can be found @emercoleman or [...]

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  6. Puffles’ Twitter Lists – The Civil Service | A dragon's best friend

    [...] mentioned Emer Coleman – Head of Digital Engagement at the Government Digital Service who joined from the GLA. Dragon fairies are normally notoriously hard to train and make sense of, but with Emer this seemed [...]

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  7. DublinCity.ie Rethinking Digital « Drimnagh is Good

    [...] up was a presentation from Emer Coleman (@emercoleman) all about how she and her team are changing how Government in the UK  are providing [...]

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