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Podcast: The vision for GOV.UK and the roadmap to get there

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Government Digital Service podcast: The vision for GOV.UK

GOV.UK is the digital home for the UK government. It’s vital for anyone wanting to live, work, trade or study in the UK. The site receives millions of visits each week from people needing to complete both life-changing and routine tasks.

Back in May, the GOV.UK programme updated its roadmap to reflect its priorities for the 2021/22 financial year. In this month’s episode of the Government Digital Service (GDS) Podcast, we speak to Rachel Tsang and Ross Ferguson from GOV.UK about how the roadmap objectives are helping to make GDS’s ambitious mission - of building a simple, joined-up and personalised experience of government for everyone - a reality.

Tune in to hear more on how we’re:

  • moving to a personalised and proactive service, with updates on our GOV.UK Account work
  • building a solid foundation for future innovation by ensuring the site is available, accessible and accurate
  • meeting our users where they are with a channel agnostic approach

You can subscribe to the GDS Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast platforms. You can read a transcript of the podcast on Podbean.

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  1. Comment by David posted on

    Are you able to provide a transcript of the podcasts in future? It's a long podcast to listen to and would give people a faster option to read through updates (or scan through if that suits them). Also, the survey didn't really ask for feedback about the podcast or allow a field to provide views or requests like this which would be helpful to have in future. Thanks!

    • Replies to David>

      Comment by Louise Harris posted on

      Hi David, we host our transcripts on Podbean and you can find a link to this episode's above in the blog. The survey is designed to help us understand more about our listeners so we can better shape our content going forwards. If you have specific feedback, please drop us a line at Best wishes, Louise

      • Replies to Louise Harris>

        Comment by David posted on

        Apologies, think I went a bit link-blind and somehow missed it. Thanks for the quick response!