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Weekend links: Environment Agency blog, weeknotes, interning at FCO and more

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If you find a link you think we'd like, message us @GDSTeam


Take a look at the recently launched Environment Agency blog.

Learn about work experience opportunities at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The National Archives just added more sections to their beta release.

We like the sound of the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award for 16-25 year olds.

Keep up to date on all things GOV.UK in Inside GOV.UK weeknotes.

And finally, read about how the technology team dealt with migrating GOV.UK to a new infrastructure.


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  1. Comment by David Harvey posted on

    Kim I need to find out who to contact about Environment Agency page links, in particular media as has wiped out much of our website content, the http links are not now found. Does this come back through yourselves at the GDT team, or who should I contact. Its a real mess whoever did it.

    for example....

  2. Comment by simonfj posted on

    Interesting bunch of links thanks Kim.

    Just a note. Could you categorize this post as "Weekend links" As Carrie normally does. It's always a problem to try and keep track of what each of the GDS teams/groups are doing at the best of times. At least we're getting to the point now where GDS and Inside GOV.UK are doing weekly notes. So over time we might see an weekly overview post for all the blogs.

    I thought this one was interesting. It's starting to focus on what I've been asking for since the GDS teams blog got ejected from the cabinetoffice (url). i.e. introducing the teams/groups so that people in the silos (and us unwashed) can find their 'topical' peer group, or at least catch up with where they're up to.

    That "new infrastructure" post was a beauty. We seem to be getting to the point where you'll have to start putting a link on each post. i.e. "If you're interested in this post", and a link to (online) courses run by an open uni 🙂

    Also stumbled across this one while reading. which was pretty interesting. As it says;

    "3. We’d also caution against drawing conclusions about how departments are really collaborating. This data simply illustrates how tagging is being used by departments in the early days of GOV.UK and true collaboration takes many forms". Yep. But always in "groups". So it should become interesting as we begin to get some standards in the way each peer group classifies itself, and notices that they have PLU's buried inside the departments.

    We're not at the point yet where the C (as in ICT) has entered the GDS digital vocabulary, or in any uni's digital design courses. So I'd better flag this one just so that it doesn't come as a surprise as the teams move down the track. Cheers.