1. Comment by Martha Garvey posted on

    Is it possible to provide the links to all the blogs he refers to?

    Great post.

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      Comment by Matt Sheret posted on

      Of course, we'll drop those in now Martha.

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        Comment by simon posted on

        Thanks for the links Matt. Very useful.
        Re: the inter-government talks.
        Anyway we can see this opened up a bit?
        I did (offhandedly) mention to Liam when he was in Oz that there are bunch of inter-network tools lying around various NRENs. They won't get a looking until we see about getting some standards in place between networks.gov.xx

        They'll also change the approach to "inclusion".

        Here's an insight into the discussions. https://www.terena.org/mail-archives/tf-msp/msg00605.html

  2. Comment by Graham Lee posted on

    "Mike Beaven ... welcomes cross government heads of communications."

    Why are they cross?

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      Comment by Matt Sheret posted on

      Good spot Graham - the hyphen's been added now.