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  1. Comment by Alan Rider posted on

    Really interesting free thinking piece. The "Touch City" video was intriguing, though still seemed to involve a lot of paper and calling up automated telephony, neither of which felt very Assisted Digital to me. The point about the importance of the emotional impact that transacting with Government can have is very valid. Many life events are traumatic and emotional and those needing AD help are very likely to be affected more deeply by these events so we will need solutions that are sensitive to that.

  2. Comment by Goldsmiths and assisted digital | Rebecca Kemp posted on

    […] wrote a thing for the Government Digital Service about a project Goldsmiths design students did on assisted […]

  3. Comment by Ian Taylor posted on

    I read the work of GDS with interest and as an infomative way of finding out how digital services are progressing but why does most of the links result in the message "Access Denied" as they are blocked by my own department? Surely GDS publications are safe?