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GCloud phase 2 - Apply now!

On May 18th, the new and improved Cloudstore was released. With added functionality and more interaction between government and supplier possible, Mark O’Neill, Proposition Director - Services,  explains why there has never been a better time to apply to join the GCloud.

My colleagues here at GDS have been blogging about our drive to improve services, to focus on user needs and to make the delivery of public services faster, cheaper and better.

This blog post is a bit different. I am writing it for purely selfish reasons.

I am writing to encourage suppliers to apply for the next round of the GCloud framework because I need to buy cloud services and GCloud is how we will buy those cloud services. So we need the widest possible range of suppliers, the most cost effective prices, simple procurement processes and agile delivery organisations.

We need a whole raft of different services in different forms.

So we need people to apply. Colleagues in the GCloud team are working to make the process of application to the framework as simple as possible. You can find the details of how to apply here.

If you want more information about the GCloud process then you can contact the GCloud team here. If you would be interested in an "ApplyDay" about how to apply then please drop them a line so we can gauge levels of interest.

So regardless of whether you are a multinational or an SME have a look at GCloud. If you think you have services that fit the framework and which will help us achieve our goal of transforming the delivery of public services then please apply. We need you. More to the point I need you because I need to buy those cloud services.

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