1. Chris Hewitt

    I lead internal communications at NHS Connecting for Health. We are in an unusual position as having NHS operating structures - the majority of our staff are employed by the NHS and we are not on the civil service network but we are a major part of the Department of Health Informatics Directorate. therefore, we do not hace access to your media suite of tools and collaborative opportunities, which is a pity as we are operating with first generation online services which are way behind the curve in terms of collaborative and new [social] media technology. I am now trying to introduce a solution using Sharepoint2010 but with little development support. I would be very keen to explore the possibility of using existing expertise and resources. Sadly, I have tried a number of avenues and got nowhere. For example, I am a member of the NHS Comms Link which is run by DH and is used by 1200 communications professionals in the NHS. It's based on Ning and is fundamentally a social media platform. I joined the social media group and asked if anyone could provide insights into my Sharepoint project and I got no response at all. The upshot of all of this is that this is leading me to the conclusion that I just have to get on and develop our own platform otherwise it will never happen. I have alreay had 18 months of setbacks and holdups on this project - and this is extremely disappointing when the body of evidence grows daily about the business paybacks of using collaborative technology.

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    • James T

      Chris, I think this has been a fairly common issue. We have come across a few cases and will put you in touch to see if there is any experience others can share to set you up.

      James Taylor,

      Digital Engagement team

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    • Amit

      Hi Chris,

      You re-tweeted an article I wrote recently. I'd love to have a chat.

      Can you possibly drop me an email?


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    • Bill Porter

      Chris, I just came across your post. Is this still an issue for you? I apologise if this comes across as a directly promotional message, but this is a situation which we are finding is quite common. We have come up with a programme to address it - see http://www.clearvale.com/mkt/en/set.php. If you're open to it, I'd welcome an exploratory chat. If so, please email me.
      Bill Porter

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