1. Herbert

    Have a good start!

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  2. Gary Rowing-Parker

    I will follow the new blog with interest.

    Perhaps your team should talk to the DWP about its multi-function kiosks project, which has been put on hold. The DWP has a network of thousands of touch screen kiosks in Jobcentres. These provide a potential platform to extend access to government online services. The locations are good (in every corner of Great Britain) and the target audience includes many without access to the internet at home.

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  3. Tony Plant

    I look forward to keeping up to date with this blog.

    Please also remember that digital engagement is crucial for civil service effectiveness too, especially developing skills. Gartner rate Gov 2.0 a fail due to the over-focus on public engagement at the expense of giving staff even basic access to blogs and other information that would be highly valuable.

    For more on Gartner see:

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  4. Michael Grimes

    Could you clarify the date that Andrew Stott will be leaving you? The Twitter account suggests he's still in post.

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