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Meet the Alphagov team

This information is archived for reference only. The project has ended.

What happens when you sit a small team of people in a room in South London for 14 weeks and ask them to create something? If it's these people, it would be!

Tom Loosemore, Deputy Director, Single Government Website, Cabinet Office

@tomskitomski — Tweeting in a personal capacity, views not representing employer. Stealing cheese.

Richard Pope, product lead


Jamie Arnold, project manager

@itsallgonewrong — Recently left Channel 4. Found Gov.

James Stewart, technology lead

@jystewart — Tech lead on UK Government single-domain project. Founder/director of @ket_lai. Husband to @klstewart and dad to Elisabeth.

Paul Annett, design lead

@nicepaul — Design lead on UK Government single-domain project.  Formerly senior designer at @Clearleft.

Jimmy Leach, editorial lead

@JimmyTLeach — Head of Digital Engagement, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The tweets are all personal opinions, of course.

Relly Annett-Baker, content strategist

@RellyAB — Space Cadet. Writer. Mummy. Wifey. Catwrangler.

Matt Patterson, developer

@fidothe — Designer / Maker.

Ben Griffiths, developer

@beng — That internet thing? I do that.

Russell Garner, developer

@rgarner — Ex-technical architect for, general syndication and REST kinda guy

James Weiner, front-end developer

@jamesweiner — Front-end on UK Government single-domain project. Director of @ket_lai. Publisher of @fermentzine. Formerly of music industry and book publishing.

Joshua Marshall, front-end developer

@partiallyblind — Front-end Developer on UK Government single-domain project. Pixeljuicer. Rake/Roustabout.

Lisa Scott, editor

@lisascott869 — The only living girl in New Cross.

David Mann, analysis and strategy

@bananafarmer — Innovator, working on Alphagov, gov single domain project. I grow bananas too.

Peter Jordan, search analysis

@peterbjordan — Digital professional. Works for government. Findability, search, metadata, meeting user needs, social and semantic web. Use South West Trains a lot.

Helen Lippel, search analysis

@octodude — Metadata, taxonomy, user experience, search, information architecture. Passionate about semantic web, linked data, public sector data, government digital.

Thankyou also to the many people who have helped us nurture the project with their time and insight.