Digital Leaders Network

The Digital Leaders network was established in early 2012 to drive forward the digital agenda across Government. The network is run by the Government Digital Service and is made up of a Departmental Digital Leader from each main Government department, plus Digital Leaders from each of the Devolved Administrations.

The objectives of the Digital Leaders Network include:

  • To ensure the online user experience of Government is consistent and high quality
  • To establish a clear digital strategy for UK Government, and then to oversee its implementation
  • To promote the ‘Digital by Default’ concept to stakeholders and customers (UK Government departments only)
  • To promote new ways of working across government
  • To look for and support opportunities for joint working across government on the digital agenda
  • To provide strategic governance for the GOV.UK single domain
  • To share learning and good practice in the delivery of the digital agenda across government
  • To champion improvements to digital literacy across government, drawing on external expertise where appropriate.

Here is a list of Departmental Digital Leaders (as accurate of January 2017):

Attorney Generals Office - Not known

Cabinet Office - Conall Bullock

Department for Education - Alan Parnum

Department for Transport - Jonathan Neffgen

Department of Health - Katie Farrington

Department for International TradePaul McComb

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs - Mike Potter, Brigid McBride

Her Majesty's Treasury - Kylie Clark

Home Office - Holly Ellis

Ministry of Defence - Robin Riley

Ministry of Justice - Matthew Coats

Northern Ireland Executive - Caron Alexander

Scottish Government - Colin Cook

Welsh Government - Caren Fullerton

Office of National Statistics - David Best

CESG - Alison Whitney

Number 10 - David Tomchak

The Digital Leaders Network holds regular meetings, chaired by Chris Ferguson, Digital Group