Right now we are looking for people to fill the following contract roles for various fixed term projects. If you think this could be you then get in touch by emailing us at If we think there could be a match we will get in touch and point you to the relevant process for a formal application.

Software Developers

We are seeking developers with either Front End or Back End development skills or indeed a blend of both.

Specific skills will include:

Successful candidates will be experienced working in a cross-disciplinary agile team and have either:

  • excellent skills in cross-platform HTML 4/5, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX
  • excellent understanding of modern accessibility and usability techniques

And/ or:

  • significant recent experience of server-side web development using Ruby and/or Python
  • experience of high performance database and API design, and
  • experience of test-driven development and continuous integration
  • strong track record of application development using modern SQL databases (eg MySQL, PostgreSQL) and/or schema-less databases (eg MongoDB)

Other desirable skills are:

  • experience of Responsive Web Design
  • experience of working with JavaScript libraries to produce data visualisations
  • experience of building and scaling high-traffic websites
  • experience of designing and maintaining public HTTP APIs
  • experience of handling large data sets and scaling their handling and storage
  • knowledge of content management techniques, workflows etc