USDS, 18F and GDS: Why the strategy is delivery - video transcript

Hillary Hartley, Deputy Executive Director, 18F

At 18F, we very much, pretty much directly stole your line of “The strategy is delivery”, and feel that that permeates a lot of what we do. It really enables our teams to kind of think forward and just do; do the thing, show the thing; let’s get something in front of people. It changes the way policy is approached, it changes the way we approach our organisation at the end of the day. It’s very much become our mantra as well.

Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital, Government Digital Service

We made it up literally outside the minister’s office, before we went to see him after 30 days. He asked for a strategy, so we said, “Right, the strategy is we’re just going to get on and do it.” So we just wrote “The strategy is delivery” on a piece of paper and he went, “Okay, that’ll do.”

Haley Van Dyck, Deputy Administrator, United States Digital Service  

I love it. We obviously also have stolen “The strategy is delivery”, because that’s how we believe that the theory of culture change that we’re working against is by doing things differently and showing in areas that was previously thought to be not possible to change, that is how you actually start to shift the entire momentum of the institution, and that is how you actually start to teach as we transform, and the rest of government can start adopting these practices. But that only works if you go into the hard-core mission of government, and go into the corners of government where it was previously thought that this was not possible before. We take on the really, really big problems, and deliver digital services that work better and cost less.