USDS, 18F and GDS: Sharing and swapping stories - video transcript

Haley Van Dyck, Deputy Administrator, United States Digital Service

At USDS, our main strategy is building digital services that work better and cost less, and that’s what we spent, in our entire partnership with 18F, most of our time working on and delivering.

Hillary Hartley, Deputy Executive Director, 18F

We have been video-conferencing with teams here, and it’s fantastic, because “lessons learned, what are you guys facing? What’s come up for you in the last month since we last chatted?” While we’re not swapping people yet, we’re absolutely swapping stories, and it’s just been invaluable.

Haley Van Dyck  

The environments we work in are so similar, and it’s amazing to hear you talk about sharing things more. Because we keep asking ourselves, we’ve been hearing, we watch you guys going through some of the service manual rethinks, and we’re doing similar rethinks on the same side. It’s like, how different can these products actually end up being? Maybe they should be the same. Should we actually just start even sharing at that level? I think we’re very excited to keep talking about that more.

Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital, Government Digital Service

I cannot stress to you just how pleasurable it is just to see what you’re doing. It is amazing. Because you know, being really frank, it can be a little lonely when you’re going against the grain for such a long time, and we should form common cause. The more governments can talk about the problems that they’re facing and be open about them, and the more that we can help each other, then that’s got to be the right thing.