Style, content and design

Posts about our approach to designing content, graphics and the user experience for GDS products. You'll find more in our Design notes and Accessibility blogs. Also check out our design principles and style guide.

It takes 2: how we use pair writing

Subject expect in control of the writing while the content designer looks at the same screen and helps to simplify the language.

A content designer's job is to write in the simplest way to help our users do things that are often complex. To make sure the words we use are both clear and accurate, we often need input from experts in a particular area. We’ve found that working together to ‘pair write’ is a good way to do this.

Taking service design to Parliament

Poster with the words 'good services are verbs, bad services are nouns'

We spoke recently at a roundtable in Parliament, organised by the All Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation (APDIG). At the session, ‘Designing the next generation of government services’, we talked about why GDS is making service design a priority.