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The pre-election period

Polling Station

You may have  noticed we've been blogging more than usual over the past week. We've had a lot to tell you, and we needed to do this before this Parliament ends on 30 March.

GDS blogs round-up

GDS blog roundup

As well as this blog, GDS has 14 other blogs about particular specialisms or programmes of work. Here are some stand-out posts from recent weeks.

Exploring the Internet of Things

Matt Webb

“A second digital revolution”, that’s what the Chief Scientific Advisor called the Internet of Things in his report in December. Rapid growth in devices connected to the internet – or networked in their own right – are certainly helping to …

Code Club at GDS

Code Club at GDS

At GDS, we're in a unique situation where our product teams have lots of people who can code, but in other teams there's not so many. However, across these teams, there's definitely an appetite to learn more.